Rubus saxatilis   Stone Bramble CC DD N

Rubus saxatilis whole Rubus saxatilis close

I most often see this ternate-leaved bramble on limestone so I assume it prefers basic soils. I also see it in shady places particularly in the woods of Cressbrookdale. The flowers are never very prominent as they are in the seaside Dewberry and it has red fruits rather than blue-black with few druplets.

Rubus saxatilis has a markedly northern distribution being common in Scotland and northern England, dotted around in northern Ireland and Wales but quite scarce in southern England.

LHS: Gaitbarrows, 12th June 2004 RHS: Inchnadamph, Scotland, 19th June 2006

Added on December 2nd 2004, updated 22nd January 2012

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