Ruscus aculeatus   Butcher's-broom C DD N

Ruscus aculeatus Ruscus aculeatus fruit

This is a native, dioecious, bushy-looking perennial with leathery leaves and what looks like a tiny flower growing out of the middle of a leaf. The leaf is actually a flattened branch or cladode so the flower is in the expected place. Male and female flowers are usually on separate plants and this plant is native in the south of England but introduced elsewhere including this site no doubt.

Ruscus aculeatus is found mostly in the south of England and Wales with recordd thinning as you go north. There are some records from southern Scotland but very few from the far north or from Ireland.

LHS: Wood Near Manchester Airport 31st March 2006 RHS: Warely Place, Essex 12th February 2008

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