Sagina nodosa   Knotted Pearlwort C DD N

Sagina nodosa whole Sagina nodosa close

This is a very pretty and delicate little plant with flowers which look far too large for the very thin stems which support them. There are small leaves with little tufts in the angle between stem and leaf. These look like little knots on the stem hence the English name. Commonest in northern England where this one was photographed, it is dotted about in the rest of the British Isles including the far north coast of Scotland where it can be found in the sand at Bettyhill close to Carex maritima (Curved Sedge).

Sagina nodosa

Sagina nodosa Knotted Pearlwort


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Sagina nodosa Knotted Pearlwort

Southport Dunes 23rd July 2005 RHS: Near Allery Bank, Kielder forest, 27th July 2011

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