Sagina x normaniana   Scottish Pearlwort RRR DDD N

Sagina x normaniana

There are two "common" pearlworts in the Ben Lawers Corrie and they are quite similar at first glance. This one is a hybrid between Sagina procumbens (Procumbent Pearlwort) which is an extremely common lowland weed of paths and gardens and Sagina saginoides (Alpine Pearlwort) which also grows in the Corrie. I haven't seen the lowland plant ever in this upland Corrie.

The difference between the two is that the Scottish Pearlwort (Sagina x normaniana) roots at the nodes and checking this one plus a few others around it showed they all were firmly rooted at nodes. The white flowers are the Pearlwort in the photo.

Sagina x normaniana is a plant of the mountains around mid Perthshire in Scotland where it is found on several hills. It does not not occur in England. Wales or Ireland or elsewhere in Scotland.

Ben Lawers Corrie 11th July 2005

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