Salix acutifolia   Siberian Violet-willow I

alix acutifolia whole alix acutifolia twig alix acutifolia leaves alix acutifolia flower

This purple stemmed willow has been wrongly identified on this site as Salix purpurea (Purple Willow) but close examination of the leaves, twigs, bloom on the new stems and habit of the whole plant points to Salix acutifolia (which is very similar to Salix daphnoides). The whitish bloom on the twigs can be rubbed off which is a characteristic of both S. daphnoides and S. acutifolia but leaf length and habit both indicate S. acutifolia.

In spite of being an introduction from the U.S.S.R., this willow isn't recorded much from the more northerly latitudes. It is found very occasionally in England, southern Scotland and in Wales with only one record from Ireland.

West Shore dunes, Llandudno LHS and middle 3rd June 2008 RHS 19th February 2005

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