Saxifraga stellaris   Starry Saxifrage C DD N

Saxifraga stellaris whole Saxifraga stellaris close

This is so common in mountain regions that I use it as an indicator plant. It flowers at the beginning of an alpine region at a lower height than most other alpines. If Saxifraga stellaris is flowering then you have climbed to an alpine or sub alpine region and can start looking for other alpine plants. Typically it is found on wet cliffs, on rocks or by mountain streams.

Common in Scotland, the fells of northern England and Snowdonia Saxifraga stellaris is absent fro much of England and Wales as there are no hills high enough for it to flourish. It is found in Ireland mostly in hills near the coast.

Cliffs near Snowdon, North Wales 2nd June 2004

Added on February 3rd 2005, updated 30th January 2012

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