Schoenus nigricans   Black Bog-rush C DD N

Schoenus nigricans whole Schoenus nigricans close

This distinctive rush can be nearly 1m in height and the large tufts with black fruiting heads can be seen and positively identified from quite a distance. It tends to prefer basic soils and dampish habitats like fens or dune slacks.

Schoenus nigricans is uncommon in middle England but is found in quantity in Norfolk, Cornwall and part of the south coast. In Wales it is most often recorded from Anglesey and the Lleyn but it is a common plant in the west and far north of Scotland. It is frequently found in western and central Ireland.

LHS: Newborough Warren, Anglesey, 13th August 2001 RHS: Oldshoremore, Scotland 1st July 2011

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