Sesleria caerulea   Blue Moor-grass R DD N

Sesleria caerulea whole Sesleria caerulea close Sesleria caerulea close young

This is a grass which prefers basic soils and flowers in spring. The stalks are quite long with a flower-head containing dark colouring which looks a distinctly bluish particularly when young. The plants are quite difficult to photograph because they have small flower heads on the end of long thin stems

There are one or two sites here and there in England but by far the greatest concentration is on the limestone of northern England. There is also a patch in mid western Scotland but otherwise it does not occur in England or Wales to any extent. In Ireland there is a significant collection of records from the west - on the limestone of the Burren for instance.

Sesleria caerulea

Sesleria caerulea Blue Moor-grass

Arnside, Lancashire 15th April 2006

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Sesleria caerulea Blue Moor-grass

Gaitbarrows Lancashire 10th May 2005

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