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Silene uniflora whole Silene uniflora

This is another of the plants which has suffered at the hands of the taxonomists. Silene maritima was the old name of Sea Campion exactly what you'd expect but it had to be changed didn't it? It grows at the seaside mainly although it is sometime seen as a garden plant as well. This is a picture of one flower but you typically see it in huge mats draped off rocks or cliffs. It flowers in Spring and I have seen in starting as early as March 1st but it also continue with the odd flower throughout the season.

Nearly always a coastal species Silene uniflora is found at almost all the coastal sites around Britain, Ireland and the outer islands too including Shetland and St Kilda.

Silene uniflora

Silene uniflora Sea Campion

Red Rocks, Wirral, 29th September 2004

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Silene uniflora Sea Campion

LHS: Achmelvic, Assynt, Scotland 18th June 2006 LHS: West Bexington, Dorset, 18th May 2006

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