Sisymbrium orientale   Eastern Rocket I

Sisymbrium orientale Sisymbrium orientale

This is a common introduced European plant of the roadside verge and waste places. It looks a little like the very common Sisymbrium officinale (Hedge Mustard) but has different shaped leaves which are deeply divided with usually only 2 basal lobes. It also has larger flowers. Like many roadside plants it can be tall (more than 50 cm) or quite small and stunted. It is quite common throughout England particularly towards the east but less common in Cornwall, and most of Wales except the north. It is uncommon in central and northern Scotland and dotted sparsely in eastern Ireland.

LHS: Garswood, nr St Helens, 22nd August 2004 RHS: Shotton, North Wales 25th April 2005

Added on 29th November 2005, updated 9th February 2012

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