Solanum dulcamara   Bittersweet CC DD N

Solanum dulcamara Solanum dulcamara fruit

This is a very pretty plant in all stages. the scrambling habit of Solanum dulcamara allows the flower to hang down gracefully in bunches and then the shiny green fruits eventually turn red and look delicious. This is a shame because it is very poisonous like many members of the Solanum genus. It is often incorrectly named as Deadly Nightshade by non botanists but Atropa belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) is a much taller but scarcer plant and has black fruit. Another correct common name for this plant is Woody Nightshade

Solanum dulcamara is common all over England, Wales and Ireland but records become fewer as you go north into Scotland. It is uncommon in the north of Scotland beyond the industrial belt except around built up areas like Inverness.

LHS: Banks of River Itchen, Southampton 2nd October 2004 RHS: Frodsham marshes, Cheshire 4th October 2004

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