Solanum nigrum   Black Nightshade C DD N

Solanum nigrum whole Solanum nigrum leaf

There are two sub species of this plant one of which (ssp schultesii) is introduced and mostly present in the south of England. This one is probably ssp nigrum therefore. This is a plant of waste places and you are as likely to find it at the edge of a cultivated field as grown out of the cracks near a city centre. It is usually hairy and produces green berries which sometimes turn black but not always.

Solanum nigrum is very common in southern and central England and Wales (except for the central hills) but doesn't seem to like the north. There are infrequent records from Lancashire and Yorkshire and even fewer as you go into Scotland. In Ireland it is not common but wahat there is grows in the east of the island.

LHS: Bank of Mersey near Hale, 5th October 2005 RHS: Southport dunes, 23rd July 2005

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