Solidago canadensis ssp canadensis   Canadian Goldenrod I

Solidago canadensis ssp canadensis Solidago canadensis ssp canadensis close

This is quite a common wasteland or wayside plant which has been introduced from North America. There are several quite similar looking species which includes the Early Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea) and separating them involves measuring involucral bracts and the size of the inner flowers of the composite disc. Until you get our the magnifying glass they mostly look the same so great care must be taken and you need a detailed text such as The Flora of Great Britain and Ireland by Peter Sell and Gina Murrell V4 as most other books, including Stace Ed2 don't have enough information.

The Solidago canadensis species altogether are very common and found throughout England but with fewer sites in Scotland and Wales and very few in Ireland.

Frodsham marshes, Cheshire 10th August 2006

Added on 10th August 2006, updated 9th February 2012

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