Solidago virgaurea   Goldenrod C DD N

Solidago virgaurea whole Solidago virgaurea close

Solidago virgaurea is a very variable plant in that it can be 50 cm tall or more like the on near the stream in the photo or very small yet correctly proportioned. On the high hills it can be almost bonsai like and so is sometimes known as ssp minuta. It will grow in the hills on rocks and stony habitat but is equally capable of colonising lower altitudes.

Solidago virgaurea is common in southern England but not so much in the east. It is very common in Wales, northern England and its stronghold is in Scotland where you can see it on almost every hill and mountain. In Ireland it is common but tend to prefer the west and south west.

Solidago virgaurea

Solidago virgaurea Goldenrod

Cul Mor, Wester Ross, Scotland, 25th July 2009

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Solidago virgaurea possibly ssp minuta Goldenrod

LHS: Cwm Idwal 25th July 2002 RHS: Great Orme 23rd August 2001

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