Sorbus decipiens   Sharp-toothed Whitebeam I

Sorbus decipiens

This is an Central European introduction planted in parks and gardens which has naturalised itself in a few places around the country including the Avon Gorge.

It is a member of the latifolia group which tend to have sharp-toothed leaves and orange/brown berries. Sorbus decipiens has leaves with distinct triangular lobes, between 10 and 13 pairs of veins (see photo) and usually a rounded base to the leaf. There are supposed to be lenticels (little whitish scabs) on the fruits but these are not obvious in the photo.

There are only five sites for this escape acknowledged by the BSBI and they are dotted in England, Scotland and Wales with none known in Ireland.

Quarry, Avon Gorge 10th September 2006

Added on 23rd September 2006, updated 10th February 2012

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