Spergularia media   Greater Sea-spurrey CC DD N

Spergularia media Spergularia media close

This is the largest flowering of the seaside Spergularia genus; the diameter can be 1 cm or so. The petals are usually (but not always) longer than the sepals and there are usually about 10 stamens. The distribution of Spergularia media is almost entirely coastal being found all round England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland including the outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland.

Spergularia media

Spergularia media Greater Sea-spurrey

Lindisfarne, 15th July 2006

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Spergularia media Greater Sea-spurrey

LHS: Newborough foreshore, Anglesey 7th July 2005 Lindisfarne, 15th July 2006

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