Stellaria holostea   Greater Stitchwort CC DD N

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The flower on this plant always seems to me to be larger than you would expect. The plant has grass like leaves so that when in the vegetative state it is extremely difficult to see. When it flowers it often does so with a patch of up to a hundred or more providing marvellous sight on banks and in hedgerows in early spring. It can be just starting to flower on March 1st after a mild winter.

Stellaria holostea is found almost everywhere in the British Isles but it is not very common in the far north west of Scotland or the west of Ireland. It is rarely found on the outer islands.

Stellaria holostea

Stellaria holostea Greater Stitchwort

Coed Cilygroeslwyd, nr Ruthin 24th April 2005

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Stellaria holostea Greater Stitchwort

LHS: Cheshire lane 10th April 2005 RHS: Coed Cilygroeslwyd, nr Ruthin 24th April 2005

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