Symphoricarpos x chenaultii   Hybrid Coralberry I

Symphoricarpus x chenaultii

This hybrid shrub probably originating from north America has escaped from parks and gardens where it is grown for foliage or fruit as the flowers are rather insignificant. There were very few flower son this extensive patch of spreading bush. It is a cross between Symphoricarpos microphyllus (Pink Snowberry) and Symphoricarpos orbiculatus (Coralberry) neither of which is normally naturalised in the British Isles.

This shrub has a patchy distribution with concentrations of records in the north and south of England as well as in the lowlands of Scotland - in other words where the parks and gardens are mostly to be found.

Island near Teddington Lock on Thames, 7th July 2007

Added on 1st March 2008, updated 12th February 2012

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