Tragopogon pratensis ssp minor   Goat's-beard CC DD N

Tragopogon pratensis ssp minor whole Tragopogon pratensis ssp minor fruit Tragopogon pratensis ssp minor flower

Tragopogon pratensis ssp minor is the native sub species of two (ssp minor and ssp pratensis) which is known by both the names Goat's-beard and by Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon. In this plant the outer yellow "petals" are short so the sepals appear longer. Both sub species produce a large brown seed head similar to the white Dandelion Clock with which we are so familiar but in T. pratensis it is usually twice the size. Even passing quickly in a car the plant can be identified from the seed head but as with all composites the flower needs to be more carefully examined.

Both sub species flower in sunshine and in the morning only.

This plant is very common in England, Wales and reasonably common in southern Scotland. It is only occasionally recorded in Ireland.

LHS and RHS: Ranscombe Farm, Kent 3rd June 2007 Middle: Sutton, London 1st July 2006

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