Trifolium suffocatum   Suffocated Clover RR DDD N

Trifolium suffocatum whole Trifolium suffocatum close

This clover lies flat to the ground and the small white flowers which are very difficult to see, don't have stalks (sessile) and are crowded around the main "crown" of the plant. The plant in the large photo had been in flower earlier in the week but it had mostly finished by the time this photo was taken. This rarity has a limited distribution around the southern and eastern coasts of England with some to be found inland in the Brecks where this one grew. It is absent from Ireland and there is one site in Northern Scotland and Wales.

Trifolium suffocatum

Trifolium suffocatum Suffocated Clover

Breckland, 18th June 2005

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Trifolium suffocatum Suffocated Clover

Boggy field in Kent, 2nd June 2007

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