Tussilago farfara   Coltsfoot CCC D N

Tussilgao farfara close Tussilgao farfara close

This is an early spring composite but is quite easy to identify as it flowers before the leaves show. In this case one leaf has come up while the flowers are still showing which is unusual.

The Latin name reflects that Coltsfoot has been used as a cough remedy for centuries (Latin: tussis = cough). A tea can be made and drunk to soothe a dry cough and in some parts of the world the leaves are smoked in herbal tobacco for the same effect.

Tussilago farfara is one of the commonest plant in the British Isles being found everywhere even on the islands of the outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland.

Tussilago farfara

Tussilago farfara Coltsfoot

Miller's Dale, Derbyshire 7th March 2008

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Tussilago farfara Coltsfoot

LHS: Llandudno shore, 4th May 2006 RHS: Miller's Dale, Derbyshire 7th March 2008

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