Ulex minor   Dwarf Gorse R DD N

Ulex minor whole Ulex minor close

Ulex species are hard to tell apart but the different flowering periods of Ulex gallii (Western Gorse)and Ulex europaeus (Gorse) helps a great deal. However Ulex minor not only flowers at the same time as Ulex gallii (Western Gorse) but can grow alongside it so it was useful to have an expert demonstrate the difference between these two shrubs on a field trip of the Wild Flower Society's A.G.M. meeting. As well as being low growing (but so is Ulex gallii very often), Ulex minor has a dense covering of short spines such that the branches do look quite different when seen along side Ulex gallii.

Ulex minor is dotted sparsely here and there in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland but the only good concnetration of records comes from the area where this one was found in the southern counties of England.

Gidlingston Heath, Dorset 5th September 2010

Added on 4th April 2012

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