Valeriana pyrenaica   Pyrenean Valerian I

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This introduction from the Pyrenees prefers damp shady places and although it obviously looks like a Valerian species, it is the round serrated leaves which most help the identification. This plant was at the side of a shaded road with no pavement, curves so that you couldn't see traffic and a de-restricted speed zone with cars travelling at 60 mph. Very dangerous assigment.

Although it is dotted here and there in Ireland, England and Wales, southern Scotland is where it is most often recorded.

Valeriana pyrenaica

Valeriana pyrenaica Pyrenean Valerian

Roadside near Bethesda 24th May 2007

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Valeriana pyrenaica Pyrenean Valerian

Roadside near Bethesda, North Wales, 24th May 2007

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