Verbascum lychnitis   White Mullein RR DD N

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It bodes well for any wild flower meeting that when you drive up to park your car ready for the day's outing, you immediately see a new plant in front of you. Verbascum lychnitis is a native of South Eastern England and it had become well established in this corner of South London.

Verbascum lychnitis is only common and native in and around the London area where this one was found. Elsewhere in England and Wales it is dotted sparsely about often having escaped from gardens. There is little in the north of England and Scotland and none in Ireland.

Verbascum lychnitis

Verbascum lychnitis White Mullein

Sutton Station car park 1st July 2006

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Verbascum lychnitis White Mullein

Sutton Station car park, south London 1st July 2006

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