Verbena officinalis   Vervain C DD N

Verbena officinalis whole Verbena officinalis close

This plant was supposed to have magical properties in medieval times and was used as a potion against various diseases but also for keeping witches away: "Vervain and Dill hinders witches from their will". These days Vervain is sometimes recommended by herbalists as a treatment for depression but as with many herbal remedies this isn't backed up by scientific evidence.

In the south of England Verbena officinalis is very common in deed but the frequency of records drops off quite quickly as you go north. In Wales it is common in the north and south but not as common elsewhere and in the north of England it is dotted nearer the coast. There is very little to be found in Scotland. In Ireland it is not uncommon in the south east but scarce in the north.

LHS: Regent's Canal Towpath, London 1st July 2006 RHS: Waste ground nr Redbrooke, Gloucestershire, 6th September 2005

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