Veronica chamaedrys   Germander Speedwell CCC DD N

Veronica chamaedrys whole Veronica chamaedrys close

At the beginning of summer this eye-catching blue speedwell begins to show on the verges in Cheshire. It has two lines of hairs on opposite sides of the round stems which are diagnostic when you first start distinguishing the speedwells. When you become used to seeing this beautiful little flower, you soon realise that the blueness of its flowers is quite distinctive - it really doesn't look like any of the others. Veronica chamaedrys is also known as Bird's-eye Speedwell.

Veronica chamaedrys is common all over the Britihs Isles and Ireland. It is present but not in large numbers on Orkney, the outer Hebrides and Shetland.

Grounds of Craggie House, Daviot near Inverness 27th June 2011

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