Veronica praecox   Breckland Speedwell I

Veronica praecox

This is quite similar to Veronica triphyllos (Fingered Speedwell) except that the leaves are serrate and not deeply lobed into "fingers". The flower is of a similar size and colour of blue.

In early editions 1 and 2 of New Flora of the British Isles, Clive Stace was doubtful about whether this plant was native or not. In the third edition (2010) he comes off the fence and says it is an introduction first recorded in 1933. Stace also thinks it is decreasing. He may be out of date here - Veronica praecox is probably increasing faster than any other of the rare Breckland Speedwells in certain set-aside fields but like all the Breckland Speedwells it is small and you can easily miss it.

Apart from one doubtful looking record somewhere near the Cotswolds, Veronica praecox is found in a small part of east Anglia known as the Breckland and nowhere else in the British Isles or Ireland.

Breckland 21st April 2005

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