Verticordia picta   Painted Featherflower Endemic

Vericordia picta whole Verticordia picta

This was one of the first flowers we saw at this reserve and represented well the wonderful variety of species to be found there. We spent an hour or two wandering in the bush treasure hunting with only the rather persistent wind spoiling the photographic opportunities provided by this superb nature reserve.

Verticordia picta is quite a common shrub in the Wheat Belt and can be found anywhere in a fairly wide band stretching from around the Kilbarri area inland and south west down to Esperance.

Verticordia picta

Verticordia picta Painted Featherflower

Quairading Bush Reserve 12th September 2007

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Verticordia picta Painted Featherflower

W. A. Wildflower Society Tour: Quairading Bush Reserve 12th September 2007

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