Viola odorata   Sweet Violet C DD N

Viola odorata Viola odorata

This is a very early violet starting to flower here in the North West of England in early March but sometimes even in February. It can be white, purple or mauve or pinkish but all have the distinctive roundish leaves and blunt sepals which distinguish it from other common violets.  It seems to prefer to grow on on basic or neutral soils and since the sandstone near my house makes our soil very acid, I have to travel to see this plant.

Viola odorata is common in England, common in north and south Wales but in Scotland it is common only in the region at and inland form the south eastern coast. Further north than Perth it can be found but less and less frequently and is mostly absent form the north west. In Ireland it is common in the south but less common in the west and north.

LHS: Great Orme, North Wales 2nd March 2008 RHS Warley Place, Essex 12th February 2008

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