X Asplenophyllitis microdon   The Guernsey Fern RR DD N

X Asplenium microdon X Asplenium microdon

This is a hybrid between Phyllitis scolopendrium (Hart's Tongue Fern) and Asplenium obovatum (Lanceaolate Spleenwort) and is possibly a rare instance of hybridisation between two different species of fern.  If you don't believe this possible then perhaps it provides evidence that Phyllitis has been wrongly classified and is really an Asplenium (Spleenwort).  It is sterile and looks exactly like a cross between these two ferns would look like if you imagined it. This hybrid has been known for quite a long time on Guernsey having been found by a Miss A Wilkinson in 1855.

Roadside bank, St Saviours, Guernsey

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