Xylomelum angustifolium   Sandplain Woody Pear

Xylomelum angustifolium whole Xylomelum angustifolium

There were a few example of this tree at the side of the main footpath through the reserve and its obvious fruits suggest it might be some kind of pear tree. It is in fact a member of the Proteaceae family along with Banksia, Hakea, Grevillea and other exotic looking plants. It is a summer flowering tree with white racemes producing these woody fruit which open readily after being exposed to bush fire.

Xylomelum angustifolium is found in a rather narrow band stretching across the Wheat Belt between north of Kalbarri to about the Stirling range but not extending to the coast between Esperance and Albany.

W.A. WFS tour Quairading Bush reserve, Nr Merredin, Western Australia 12th September 2007

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