Spialia sertorius   Red Underwing Skipper

Spialia sertorius upper Spialia sertorius under

The photograph of the Red Underwing Skipper with upper wings showing was taken at a mineral lick where two or three of this species plus six or more Small Blues (Cupido minimus) congregated. This was the first time I had seen butterflies at a lick and they seem to be so engrossed with taking the salts that they totally ignored the photographer. The only problem was that it was in the dappled shade of an overhang so shadows were impossible to eliminate.

One of the main larval food plants is Poterium sanguisorba (Salad Burnet).


Spialia sertorius

Spialia sertorius Red Underwing Skipper

Pont D'Espagne, French Pyrenees, 12th June 2009

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Spialia sertorius Red Underwing Skipper

LHS: Pont D'Espagne, 12th June RHS: Hills near G├Ędre, French Pyrenees, 2009

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