Ajuga chamaepitys   Ground Pine RRR DD N

Ajuga chamaepitys

This plant was growing in chalky, stony gullies at the edge of a cornfield. The cornfield, which is part of a working farm assisted by Plantlife, has been maintained in the ancient traditions with no herbicides or fertilisers.

Ajuga chamaepitys is an insignificant prostrate plant which often flowers outside its accepted flowering period. The flowers on this one could have been left over from last year as some were seen and recorded for the Wild Flower Society's last week hunt in late October.

Apart from the odd site in Lancashire the majority of Ajuga chamaepitys is confined to the south and south east of England. There is none to be found in Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

Ranscombe Farm, Kent, 3rd June 2007

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