Alopecurus geniculatus   March Foxtail CC DD N

Alopecurus geniculatus 1 Alopecurus geniculatus 2

This used to be a grass which I would see nearly every outing to the countryside in Cheshire but in recent years I have found it less and less. It likes wet places so the warmer and dryer springs and summers won't have suited it but I had to search for this excellent specimen. The flower heads are always blackish and look like a Foxtail and the stems first run parallel with the ground before ascending from a bend in the stem (or knee = geniculatus) to the flowering shoot.

It has been recorded from everywhere in the British Isles even though I see fewer of these plants these days.

LHS: Northwich 17th June 2005 RHS: Near River Mersey 3rd May 2007

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