Armeria arenaria   Jersey Thrift RRR DD N

Armeria arenaria whole Armeria arenaria leaf Armeria arenaria flower

This plant grows on the wide verges by the sea and is mixed with A. maritima, the common thrift. It hybridises with the common thrift which flowers much earlier in the year and the hybrids and parents flower together with variable characteristics.  In other places nearby where there are no A. maritima, the A. Arenaria has shortish bracts but long stems and much wider leaves than common thrift. The very long flower bracts on some plants appear could well be a feature of the hybrid or part of the natural variation in the species.

Apart from two outposts on the mainland this species is confined to Jersey on the west and south dunes.

Roadside verge, St Ouens, Jersey, 21st June 2004

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