Artemisia campestris ssp maritima   Dune Wormwood RRR D N

Artemisia campestris ssp maritima whole Artemisia campestris ssp maritima close

This was announced as a recent addition to the British list as the rare Field Wormwood from Breckland is ssp campestris. Later it transpired that a small colony was already known from South Wales.

BSBI have now accepted that this species is native to the British Isles and three other plants have been found nearby. The site in South Wales and the one on the Sefton coast are the only two known sites for this plant in the British Isles. In Stace edition 3 this plant is said to be possibly native and that it would better be described as a separate species Artemisia crithmifolia which is known from the Atlantic coasts of Europe.

Sefton Coast at Crosby, 21st August 2009

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