Artemisia maritima   Sea Wormwood R DD N

Artemisia maritima whole Artemisia maritima close

This is a late flowering plant and even in August this particular plant was only in bud. It is a distinctive species which can be spotted from quite a distance because of it pure grey foliage. The leaves are very aromatic when crushed. When I began botanising it was called Artemisia maritima and later changed to Seriphidium maritimum but now is restored back to Artemisia again.

A. maritima has very occasionally been recorded inland but it is usually a coastal species found most often on the eastern and southern coasts of England and in south Wales. In Scotland it is found mostly on the eastern coast apart from Dumfries. There is a little in Ireland on both eastern coasts and some western coastal estuaries. As it is an uncommon species it has now been accordedR status in in Stace edition 3.

Crofty Marshes, Near Gower peninsula, South Wales 11th August 2009

Added on 25th April 2010

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