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This was my second expedition to find the Norwegian Mugwort and was in the company of experienced mountain walkers. They chose a different route this time involving climbing to the summit of Cul Mor itself. The day was perfect and on the way up we found an interesting Hawkweed which, with the aid of David Tennant and Tim Rich's new book on Alpine Hawkweeds, was identified as Hieracium alpinum.

Descending from the summit to the seward side of Cul Mor, the flat rocks below soon revealed various rosettes of Artemisia norvegica but very few had flowers and those that did, appeared to be past their best. In spite of this we found a few which looked quite reasonable and spent some time photographing each.

The views as usual were stunning and surely must be amongst the finest in Scotland. It was worth the ascent for the sight of Stac Pollaidh (Stac Polly) and Sula Bheinn (Suilven) with lochs in the middle distance and the sea in the background. These can be seen on the page dealing with Hieracium alpinum: Inverpolly Scenery

A. norvegica is found high on three peaks in north western Scotland only.


Behind Cul Mor, North Western Scotland 25th July 2009

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