Bellis perennis   Daisy CCC D N

Bellis perennis

The only plant that you can pretty well guarantee that everyone knows didn't featured on this site until six months after it started.

This isn't botanical snobbery but a complete inability on my part to take a decent photo of this ubiquitous white flower. I have had up to thirty photos of plant on file - all of them complete rubbish. This one isn't marvellous but it will pass. Bellis perennis (Daisy) is so well known in the UK because of its preference for short grass habitats - in other words lawns and verges. In this land of of green grass and tidy gardens the daisy is public enemy number one to many but to me it has always been a flower to cherish, ever since, as a very young child, I would sit with friends making daisy chains on the lawn in the warm summer sun.

This plant has managed to invade every part of the British Isles and Ireland with no area showing anything but total coverage.

Grass verge on the A56, January 16th 2005

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