Berberis darwinii   Darwin's Barberry DD I

Berberis darwinii

There are quite a few introduced Barberries but this one with its bright orange flowers and small holly-like leaves which have spines rather than points, isn't too difficult to identify. This one is from South America and produces small navy-blue fruits which are easily bird-sown elsewhere.

The shrub, which was over 2 metres tall, was growing well into the dune system on the edge of a thicket and I had to fight my way through Salix repens (Creeping Willow)and Rubus (Blackberries) to get near it. The wind was blowing so I focussed the camera and waited quietly for one of those fleeting still moments to take the photo. As I stood still a large fox came through the thicket and stood about 18 inches from me. We stared at each other for a few seconds then he was off.

Southport, Birkdale Dunes, 3rd May 2006

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