Betula pubescens ssp tortuosa   Arctic Downy Birch C DD N

Betula pubescens ssp tortuosa whole Betula pubescens ssp tortuosa catkin

I have to confess not even knowing there was a ssp tortuosa in the Betula pubescens genus until this twisted tree was pointed out to us. The interesting features of this tree apart from the usual twisted trunks and branches is that it normally grows in mountains and that at some times of the year glands on the twigs exude a substance which give the tree a distinctive resinous smell.

As the English name suggests, most of the records for this sub species are found in the north of Britain: Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is found in places the south such as Teesdale where this one was seen, but such records are unusual.

Banks of River Tees, 21st June 2005

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