Bidens cernua   Nodding Bur-marigold C DD N

Bidens cernua 1 Bidens cernua 2

These two photos are from separate sites. The first (left) is from a local pond which I didn't know existed until recently and, being an old fashioned pond, it has remained unimproved by farmers for decades and so has some very good pond flora in it.

The second photo (right) is from a site where first found the plant as a teenager and wondering what it was looked it up in a reference book. This may well have been the first flower I ever identified on my own. I visited this site because the Autumn crocus can usually be found nearby and I wanted to photograph it. (I didn't find any Crocuses but it might be too early).

So the Bidens cernua at this second site has been there to my knowledge since 1956.

Bidens cernua is a typical pondside plant often growing in shallow water or in mud at the edge. It is common in England and Ireland but much less so in Scotland and Wales. It's stronghold is the North West of England.

This plant is most common in the north west of England but is found throughout the British Isles though absent from northern Scotland.

(Left) Dunham on the hill, Cheshire 13th August 2006 (Right) Chorlton Ees, Manchester 26th August 2006

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