Bupleurum baldense   Small Hare's-ear RRR DD N elashr

Bupleurum baldense whole Bupleurum baldense flower

This is a tiny, very rare plant which cannot be seen easily even when on hands and knees. It doesn't reach more than about 3 or 4 cm high in Guernsey and so is one of the smallest of the umbellifers. The view on the right looks down on the flowerhead which is normally hidden by the bracts. Each of the yellow florets is no larger than a pin-head. It isn't rare at this site however, and we found many plants, mostly in their last stages of flowering.

There are just a few sites for this plant on the mainland but it is well known from the Channel Islands.

L'Ancresse Common, Guernesy, 18th June 2004

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