Carex atrata   Black Alpine-sedge RR DDD N

Carex atrata

This was one of those plant finds that we almost wished we hadn't made. Up on a ledge about 2 to 3 metres above our heads we saw Carex atrata in the same position we first saw it over 10 years ago. My only hope was to try to get some sort of photo using the considerable zoom qualities of the Nikon 8800. I had tried it earlier in the year with some plants growing high up Derbyshire but, having found even better ones lower down, I didn't need to use the photographs.

There was no chance of anyone climbing up to take a shot of this sedge even if we were inclined to do such a thing so the telephoto close-up was the only chance. It isn't a bad photo and does look remarkably like the idealised Carex atrata illustrations you see in books.

There are three records in total from northern England and snowdonia in Wales but all the other records are from the mountainous regions of northern Scotland. There is none in Ireland.

Ben Lawers Corrie 11th July 2005

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