Carex bigelowii   Stiff Sedge C DDD N

Carex bigelowii whole Carex bigelowii close

This is a sedge which is found in the mountains - above 600m says Stace and I rarely see it until I've climbed to a good height. It is well named stiff sedge for apart from the glaucous leaves and often curved leaves it is, as the name suggests, very stiff. Flick the stem and it pings back into its original position.

It is found in Wales in the hills of Snowdonia and there is some recorded from the Lake District, the Southern uplands, a little in Ireland but most is to be found in the Scottish Highlands predominantly in the west.

Cul Mor, Scotland 25th July 2009

Added on August 7th 2009, updated 11th March 2010

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