Carex lepidocarpa   Long-stalked Yellow-sedge C DD N

Carex viridula ssp brachyrryncha Carex viridula ssp brachyrryncha

This plant was for many years known as Carex lepidocarpa and the English name was Long-stalked Yellow-sedge. It was then changed to Carex viridula ssp brachyrrincha for a while but has now returned to Carex lepidocarpa in New Flora of the British Isles Third edition by Clive Stace.

This sedge, is as its god old English name suggests, is larger than Common Yellow Sedge Carex demissa (ex Carex viridula ssp oedicarpa) and when I see it it appears more erect but the same colour bright light green and, as you would expect, with very similar fruits.

It is seen most often in base rich fens or wet areas in limestone regions. Nationally it isn't common in Southern and Central England but becomes commoner as you go North and is found in most of Scotland

Bowlees quarry, Teesdale 21st June 2005

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