Carex leporina   Oval Sedge CC DD N

Carex ovalis

So many sedges grow in or near wet land that it comes as a surprise to find one at home on ordinary dryish grassland. Carex leporina can be found in boggy land but just as much in short grassland as this specimen was. I used to find it regularly but for some reason haven't seen it at all much in the last few years and virtually never in the same place as the other common sedges like C. pulicaris (Flea Sedge), C. echinata (Star Sedge), C. oedicarpa ssp viridula (Yellow Sedge) etc.

This sedge is found throughout the British Isles and Ireland.

The name has recently changed (New Flora of the British Isles Third Edition by Clive Stace 2010) from Carex ovalis to Carex leporina.

St Helens cemetery grassland 18th July 2005

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