Carex oederi   Small-fruited Yellow-sedge C DD N

Carex viridula ssp viridula

Although this plant (old names Carex serotina then Carex viridula ssp viridula) does look like the much commoner Carex demissa it is very much smaller, squat on the ground and easily missed amongst other green vegetation nearby. Like many sedges it is found in bogs and wet or damp places but also in dune slacks.

Carex oederi is found most often near the coast. It is recorded from England and Wales but is commoner in Ireland, north western Scotland and the Scottish islands including Orkney.

The Horsetail with the whitish sheath teeth at the top left is E. variegatum.

Gower peninsula, South Wales, Oxwich dunes near stream 9th July 2009

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