Carex ornithopoda   Bird's-foot Sedge RRR DD N

carex ornithopoda whole carex ornithopoda close

This very little sedge could be confused with Carex digitata but that is also rare, more of a woodland species and in any case has not been recorded in this area. C. ornithopoda is occasionally to be found in the short grassland of the some Derbyshire limestone valleys. It is very easily obscured- even by the open, short grassland such that it is sometimes impossible to see it by looking from a standing position.

No prizes though, for guessing why it's called Birds-foot sedge.

Carex ornithopoda grows in very few places. Most records are from east Cumbria in England and there is a little in Derbyshire where this one was found. There are no records from Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

Cressbrookdale, Derbyshire 13th May 2004

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