Carpinus betulus   Hornbeam C DD N

Carpinus betulus flowers Carpinus betulus fruit

The tree on which these catkins were photographed on the banks of the River Ouse might have been planted hundreds of years ago to stabilise the banks of the river but there are also trees nearby in Bishopthorpe Palace grounds from which it could have seeded itself - impossible to tell really. It has a silvery bark not unlike Beech and a similar habit too but the flowers are quite different.

Carpinus betulus is native in Southern England according to Stace but elsewhere has been planted or escaped from parks and gardens. Nevertheless it has been recorded from all parts of England, Wales and Southern Scotland. It is dotted here and there in Ireland

LHS: Banks of River Ouse at Bishopthorpe 26th April 2006 RHS Mudchute Park 1st July 2006

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